LOCATION: 502 Chung King Plaza/ Chung King Road, Chinatown Los Angeles

The A.G. Geiger Art Book Fair is an open air festival set in Chinatown’s Historic Plaza west of Hill street. The unique architectural elements create a lively and fun atmosphere, complimented by excellent restaurants, bars, art galleries and shops. 

ART: The focus of the Art Book Fair is west coast based artists and publishers although it is open to everyone. Other merchandise such as apparel and posters are welcome. Please note that visitors to Chung King Plaza range widely in both age and ethnicity. Materials suitable only for 18+ should be displayed appropriately. Pornography will not be accepted. 

BOOTH SPACE: For our inaugural festival we are offering only up to 26, 10 x 10ft booth spaces. Booths may be combined to create a larger presence. Each booth includes a canopy, 8’x18” conference table, two chairs, nearby electrical and a Wifi connection.

LOAD IN/ OUT: Your booth space will be ready at 9:00am each day of the fair. There are parking lots at either end of Chung King Road but the North lot is preferred. The south lot belongs to the Pacific Alliance Medical Center and while they are generally accommodating, it is not guaranteed access. There is also street access in a loading zone nearby on Hill Street. Please contact the A.G. Geiger office if you need special accommodations: 213-505-6957. Please vacate your booth by 7pm on each day. A.G. Geiger is not responsible for any merchandise or belongs left in your booth after 7pm.

PARKING/ TRANSPORTATION: There is a pay lot at the north end of Chung King Road, across the street in the Pear Blossom parking stucture as well southwest of Hill Street of College Avenue. The Metro Gold Line Chinatown Station is two blocks west.

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