Play Music, Screen Your Film, Exhibit Your Art, Perform, Sign Your Book, Speak Your Words, Meet-Up, Rehearse, Have a Reception or Shoot Your Movie.

The A.G. Geiger Main Room

Full Bar and Catering from Top Local Chefs.

A.G. Geiger Loft configured as a VIP lounge area

A Unique Space

Remodeled as the A.G. Geiger Bookstore in 2016, the space is fresh and an architectural gem. There is ample power, a wet bar and a sound system. Located in the heart of Chinatown, the space is near trend setting clubs, restaurants and shops. There are several pay lots and the Chinatown Metro Gold Line nearby. 

Chung King Plaza, in front of the store has been used for large stages and can be tented or used to make additional interesting spaces.