Michael Delgado, Executive Production

In addition to owning the A.G. Geiger fine art bookstore, Michael produces and hosts A.G. Geiger presents, Tales from the LA Art Underworld podcast. Interviewing poets, artists, musicians, curators, film makers, performers, actors, architects and other denizens of the LA cultural landscape. The podcast keeps Michael happily tangled up with the people who influence the influencers.

Serving as the conduit between the artists and your post advertising efforts, Michael draws on his experience in leading the development of unique content and campaigns for major brands including AB InBev, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, Mazerati, MLS, MTV, Patron, Playstation and the WWE.

As a longtime art community leader and with executive producer and creative director credits in television, streaming services, mobile apps, and advertising campaigns, Michael is fluent in Art Talk, Brandspeak,and Prod Lingo.

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Phil America, Artist

Artist, writer and activist, Phil has worked and lived throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Africa, concentrating on individual moments of freedom while looking at relationships transcending class, gender and race.

Phil has collaborated with United NationsInternational Labor OrganizationWorld Vision, U.S. Department of Labor, UNESCAPInternational Organization for Migration, the Australian Government, US Embassy, Seoul, and others to create beautiful and memorable art experiences.

Recent clients have included Nike, The Sacramento Kings, Eleven footwear and the City of Los Angeles

Film, Installation, Performance, Design, Storytelling


Nancy Baker Cahill, Artist

A multi-disciplinary artist and founder of 4th Wall, a free Augmented Reality (AR) app which invites users to place art in 360 degrees anywhere in the world. She created the ongoing, collaborative, AR public art exhibition Coordinates; site-specific activations of artworks created by contemporary artists working topically, and recently gave a Ted Talk on the use of her app to initiate social and environmental change.

She has been written about extensively and has been profiled in numerous magazines and papers including Forbes, ARTnews, Fast Company, ZDNet, the Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe among many others.

Film, Installation, Design, Mobile Apps, Storytelling

What we do

We represent social practice artists who create art projects in the gaps between government and cultural institutions around the globe.

Working both in and outside of the white cube, their art utilizes the social fabric of a community as a canvas, orchestrating local input to make culturally colorful, installations, experiences and performances to deliver universal messages of hope, resistance, inclusion, environmental stewardship, personal identity and other essential themes.

We are interested in aligning with brands that want to create authentic connections by genuinely expressing their values as the path to engagement and loyalty.

Want to explore truly imaginative, new and riveting, mutlidisciplined ways of storytelling and activating experiences?

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Michael: 001 (213) 505 6957