The Store

Opened on May 28, 2016, A.G. Geiger specializes in contemporary California artists. Presenting a carefully curated collection of rare exhibition catalogs, monographs and fine art books, A.G. Geiger celebrates the continuing contribution to world culture by artists based in the Golden State. 

A.G. Geiger hosts author, artist and curator discussions as well as special events, including an annual book fair in October. 




Curation and Programming

The book collection and event programming  are a passionate project for Michael Delgado, a graduate of the USC School of Fine Art, former art writer for the LA Weekly and Editor of the Journal of the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (LAICA). 

After LAICA, he became involved in commercial production and advertising and has become a sought after brand strategist and creative director. He also has Executive Producer credits with MTV and IMG and has produced branded entertainment in augmented reality and social media apps. Learn more

Michael currently serves on the Board of Directors of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE).

An LA native, MIchael hopes you enjoy the A.G. Geiger collection and that you have a chance to stop by the storefront in historic Chinatown, Los Angeles, soon!

About A.G. Geiger

Fans of Raymond Chandler will recognize the bookstore name from the novel "The Big Sleep".  In the story, A.G. Geiger is an underworld figure whom gumshoe Phillip Marlowe tracks in his quest to protect the debutante Sternwood sisters. A.G.Geiger ran a "Fine Art Book" store as a front for pornography titles sold out of a back room. We chose the name for our bookstore because "The Big Sleep" is a quintessentially Los Angeles tale and we get a kick out of the fine art as pornography bit.